What is Bankera? – ICO – “Banking on the Blockchain” (BNK)


Bankera is a bank in development. This online bank is working on a platform where traditional banking meets the Blockchain. Traditional banking products like loans, payment cards, credit cards and the possibility to invest will be offered to the clients, but are offered making use of the blockchain. Also other Cryptocurrencies will be offered on the platform, next to the euro and the dollar. Right now the project is raising money through an ICO. When you invest in Bankera, you receive Bankera tokens (BNK), which will be the Cryptocurrency of the platform.

The ICO is closed: You can now buy Bankera on the Spectrocoin exchange.

Bankera bank

The ICO of Bankera

To raise the funds Bankera needs, they are raising money through an ICO. The price of an BNK token is depending on the amount of tokens that are sold. The more tokens are sold, the higher the price of one token. On the image below the rates are being displayed. With the money Bankera is raising, they want to acquire enough money to get a banking license.

The Bankera project is also a fork of the Spectrocoin exchange, with the same owners. This exchange is already offering payment cards and other financial products to their customers. To stay competitive with other projects that are offering these financial products on the blockchain, the owners decided to split the exchange. Bankera has the focus on the banking branche, while Spectrocoin keeps offering their products to consumers.

Bankera ICO

Why would I want to participate in the ICO?

The Bankera project has their focus on the banking branche. Products like loans and credit cards will be the main products. When you own BNK tokens, you are automatically entitled to 20% of the trading fees on both the Bankera platform and the Spectrocoin exchange. You will receive this fee every week, payed out in Ether. So, next to a possible increase in price of the BNK tokens, you will receive passive income from both exchanges. Bankera is still in the making, but the Spectrocoin exchange already has 600.000+ customers with 65.000 credit cards. When there are coins left from the ICO, the coins will be distributed between every BNK token holder. UPDATE: The ICO has finished and you can now buy Bankera on Spectrocoin.

How can I participate in the ICO?

The Bankera ICO is over. But you can trade BNK tokens on Spectrocoin now:

  • Make an account on SpectroCoin
  • Deposit your money
  • Start buying BNK tokens

The advantage of buying your Bankera on Spectrocoin is that you receive your dividend payment instant in ETH. With that you could buy even more BNK until the Bankera exchange is up and running. I expect that would do good for the price of the Bankera token.

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