What is Binance? “The biggest exchange of them all!” (BNB)

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Binance is the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange at the moment. The platform stems from an ICO that was held halfway through 2017 and since the introduction in July of the same year it became the biggest exchange in the world. This has to do with the speed of the platform (1,4 million transactions per second), the low fees (0,1% compared to 0,25% of some competitors), the referral program (your receive 20% of the tradingfee from people you sign up to Binance) and the Binance Coin (BNB). Together these things make sure Binance is good for more then 2 billion trading volume in 24 hours.

You can sign up for Binance here!

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What is the Binance Coin? (BNB)

The Binance Coin is the coin of the Binance exchange. The coin can be used to replace the trading fee. Normally you will pay an 0,1% trading fee when you are trading on Binance. But when you use the Binance Coin instead of the regular fee, you will get a 50% discount. So when you are trading a lot, it can be very lucrative to use BNB as a fee instead of the regular fee.

Earning GAS with my NEO on the Binance exchange?

When you own NEO, you can earn GAS with it by holding it in the official wallet. Lots of exchanges do this with your NEO without paying you your GAS dividend. Binance is one of the few exchanges that pays your GAS dividend while you hold your NEO on their exchange. Every month you will receive your share of the GAS dividend in your GAS wallet. So Binance is the best exchange to trade NEO while still receiving your GAS.

Create your account for Binance

A couple of weeks ago, Binance had a member stop because of the fast growing community. Right now the registration is open, so make sure you create your account before they close the registration again. You can sign up for Binance right here.


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